S.Co. Cement Ltd.

S.Co. Cement Ltd. is one of the first Cement Producing plant in Bangladesh, with a capacity of 100,000 metric tons per annum. It started its production in 2000. The Plant uses state-of-the art technology in all areas of its production & produces finest quality cement fit for sustainable & durable construction. It is a unit of Haque Specialized Group, one of the business conglomerates in Bangladesh.

Regarded as the standard of quality in the Bangladesh Cement Industry, OK Cement offers Portland Composite Cement in two categories suitable for any kind of construction. In terms of quality, clinker plays the most vital role, which comes mainly from Thailand and also from some other parts of Asia. The finest raw materials through the quality grinding process ensure more strength, more durability & more workability. We deliver our products in 50KG PP Bags.

Portland Composite Cement Portland Composite Cement is used in construction of houses, industrial buildings, commercial buildings, multi-storied buildings etc.


    • As fly ash is used, less heat is produced so thermal crack occurrence is low.

    • Reduces thermal corrosion.

    • Numbers of pores are minimized so the strength of the cement remains intact.

    • When creating concrete, the amount of water needed is low so, concrete bleeding is also low.

    • PCC cement, in its plastic stage creates lubricating action, therefore the workability of the concrete increases.

    • Gives long lasting endurance.


    • Any concrete construction and all RCC structures.

    • Ideal for multi-storied buildings with foundations or structures that are under water.

    • Heavy structures that requires deep foundation.

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