Haque Steel and Re-Rolling Industries Private Ltd.

Haque Steel and Re-Rolling Industries Private Ltd. (HSRIPL) is a concern of HSG in the year 1985 with the main objective of setting up manufacturing unit of Re-Bars and Equal Angles. The unit is located in Fatteullah, Naryanganj. The unit is a forward integration program for the existing unit Haque Steel Complex Ltd (HSCL). The ingots produced by HSCL are supplied to HSRIPL. HAQUE Brand RE-Bars and Equal Angles are made with an eye of quality that will make everything else look imperfect. Adhering to the highest quality standards, these bars are made with the finest raw material. To be honest, any sub-standard material is rejected right away. And to be doubly sure, we source out raw materials from Haque Steel Complex Ltd, a part of our group. The Unit caters to various civil engineering contractors through dealer network all over Bangladesh. The unit has shown excellent growth.

HAQUE Steel is a renowned name in the market due to the quality product produced by the Unit.

The billets and rail is fed into re heating furnace with a pushing machine which is operated by a DC Motor. M.S. Ingots form HSCL are used as raw material. A conveyer belt is also attached to the furnace which finally forwards the raw material to plant for further process. After thatthe reheated ingot which is exit from the reheat furnace and moved to the rolling mill. Each rolling mill consists of a series of "stands", each containing a set of rollers that compress and lengthen the ingots and then finish them into the desired shapes, sizes and quality according to our valuable patrons. Water is used to keep the plant from overheating. The finished product is transferred to the cooling bed where the products are cut, straightened and bundled in the presence of highly trained workers before dispatching them to the valuables customers.

Re Heating Furnace

55 feet long Re- Heating Furnace is also set up at HSRIPL which is fabricated by a team of sedulous experts having years of experience in this field. This furnace is especially designed and used for re-rolling mills and burner is used to generate fuel to the furnace. The furnace is held out at high temperature and pressure. The temperature in the furnace is very high up to 800 C. Another major advantage of the Re- Heating Furnace is that it will not emit extreme heat outside that is considered to be perilous for the labour involved in the process of re-heating billets and rail. The workers will be able to move around the furnace conveniently.

Re Rolling Mill

A 12 inch and 9 inch mill for medium scale manufacturing is installed at HSRIPL. The plant is the latest and semi-automatic set up by a well-known engineering company. The plant is producing steel products at international standard of excellence which is having the capacity of high production rate. The plant is driven by imported electric motors. It can roll all the required sizes of our products. Our production is 45000 metric tons annually.

Cooling Bed:
A 25 meter long automatic cooling bed is also installed with the mill to ensure air cooling under controlled environment.

Shearing Machine:
HSRIPL has also installed the shearing machine for cutting the ends of products before dispatching the goods to the customers.

A latest weight bridge for loading the finished goods safely is installed at our own mill premises to provide convenient and fast deliveries to our valuables patrons.

Store House:
HSRIPL has a covered warehouse to store its finished products. The main purpose to acquire a covered space is to keep the products safe from eroding, rusting, crumbling, and to provide fast deliveries to our patrons.

HSRIPL has its own workshop where all kinds of engineering works are performed related to mill which helps and saves the time of workers in performing their duties